10 Tips for Teaching Your Children About Water Conservation

6. Reuse Towels 

While some people prefer to wash towels every time they shower, that can overwork the washing machine quite a bit. Instead, try reusing your towels a few times between washes. You won’t even notice the difference. 

7. Celebrate Earth Day 

Earth Day is a great reminder of all we still have to do to make the difference our planet needs. We should care for the Earth every day, but April 22 can be a time of special attention in your household. 

8. Garden Together 

Don’t gardens use up more water? Well, not really. One of the biggest culprits of waste is the suburban lawn, which contributes heavily to water pollution. Gardens, on the other hand, use water productively and generate food. The more organic, useful plants you grow, the more water you save. 

9. Turn off the Tap When Brushing 

Save water when brushing your teeth by turning off the faucet. Set an example for the kids and remind them to do this, too. This seemingly small action can make a huge difference. 

10. Ask Questions Together 

There’s always so much more to learn, and one of the best ways to conserve water and help the environment is to keep learning and growing together. The more you do that, the further you’ll go as a family. 

Conserving Water as a Family 

Water conservation is all about doing what’s right for the planet, and that can start early in life.

Whether you teach your children through gardening or singing songs while you wash your hands, you’ll be raising a more conscientious generation for the future, and that’s something worth celebrating. 

Jane is the founder and editor-in-chief of Environment.co where she shares practical tips on how to live a greener life. 

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