10 Tips for Teaching Your Children About Water Conservation

By Jane Marsh

Climate change and droughts have a profound impact on the planet, and water shortages can pop up just about anywhere. Thankfully, saving water is something everyone can do and is a positive family activity. Whether your kids are younger or you’re dealing with teens, you can teach your children all about water conservation so you can help the environment together.

It might not seem like the easiest idea for kids to wrap their heads around, but there are so many ways to introduce the concept to your family.

From small tips and tricks to larger, ongoing conversations, your children can be a part of the environmental wellness you’re working to build.

Here are a few ways you can teach them about water conservation.

1. Collect Rainwater Together 

Collecting rainwater is an easy way to introduce conservation to your children. You can use it to garden, clean things or even water the lawn. Find a rain barrel that matches your exterior decor, or have your kids paint one of their own. 

2. Use Online Resources 

Incorporating online resources into your schooling curriculum or home activities can be a great way for kids to gain new knowledge and perspective. There are programs for all ages, so it’s all about finding one that works. 

3. Reuse Old Water 

Putting old water to use is a great thing to do. Rather than dumping unfinished cups or bottles down the drain, use the remains to water your houseplants. 

4. Sing a Song When Washing Hands 

Leaving the faucet running for too long is wasteful, but it’s also important to wash your hands thoroughly. To strike a balance, you can sing a song. While many people like to sing “Happy Birthday,” other songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “The Sound of Music” also work. 

5. Take Shorter Showers 

Shortening your showers by even just a few minutes can save a lot of water. Using a low-flow showerhead can sometimes be a great shortcut, too. These are available at most hardware stores and can also reduce your water bill.

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