10 Ways to Help New Mums in Your Life

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By Jane Marsh

The birth of a child is one of life’s most exciting events. Being there for a friend as she goes through the process of giving birth and raising a child can be just as exciting, especially if it’s her first baby.

However, the transition to motherhood can be one of the most difficult transitions of a person’s life. There’s a lot that doesn’t come naturally, and many mothers are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from adjusting to this new lifestyle.

This guide will provide tips on how you can be there for new mums during this important time in their lives.

1. Allow Her Time for Sleep

It isn’t easy to get any sleep with a newborn, especially in the first few weeks. You can help your friend by caring for the baby while she catches up on precious sleep time. Maybe even bring her some new, ultra-comfy loungewear to help her get some much-needed shut-eye.

2. Bring Her Fresh Food

Your new-mum friend may have plenty of frozen meals in her fridge. But once you show up with a freshly cooked casserole dish or an organic veggie and fruit tray, she’ll love you for it.

Postpartum mothers have an appetite like no other – and frozen dinners can get old quickly. And now that she’s responsible for feeding her baby a thousand times a day, she’ll be happy to have a home-cooked meal in front of her.

3. Bring Her Flowers

Freshening a home with a brand-new bouquet can brighten up anyone’s day. Once your friend is ready for visitors, celebrate a new birth with her by picking out a beautiful set.

Floral bouquets with hints of blues and greens are great for new mums with a baby boy. Or, you could go for light shades of pink to welcome home her new baby girl.

4. Offer to Help Clean

While your new-mum friend is in the hospital, you could offer to help clean her house before she arrives home. Or, you could hire a cleaning crew for her to make the home smell nice and clean. She won’t have time to tidy her surroundings in the first month or two, so it’ll be a great gift to help her get one step ahead.

5. Run Errands for Her

Is she running low on diapers or nursing pads? Offer to grab those things for her. She won’t always have time to go out by herself. Plus, packing everything before leaving the house is always a hassle. Give her a quick ring and let her know you’re available to grab whatever she needs at home.

6. Help Her Set Up Baby Stuff

Baby things can be complex to set up. Sometimes it requires reading instructions or watching YouTube videos. And it doesn’t help if the baby is wailing in the background. Ask her if she needs help setting up new baby products – from baby slings to bouncers.

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