Get Your Bump Out: Pregnant Belly Painting

Belly Art: Rainbow Rascals

By Hannah Schenker

You might be feeling anything but beautiful as you stare down at your wildly round and massive pregnant belly. You may be longing for the day when you can see your own feet again. But mama – your belly is just gorgeous! Have you considered getting it out and having it painted, just for fun?

Belly painting goes way back to the traditional henna designs, which is rich with symbolism and meaning and was done in order to offer protection to mama and baby. But these days it’s taken a lighthearted turn using colourful, non-toxic paints and lasts just for one day (unless you are using henna, that is!).

It’s a fun way that you can embrace your big round belly. With the artists, you will come up with a design that is meaningful to you (which doesn’t have to be baby-related actually) which they will paint on your belly and then take photos of for you to keep to remember this special time.

You could incorporate this into your baby shower, with all your friends there too. It’s a lovely way to be pampered and focused on in the late stages of your pregnancy when it’s likely all feeling a bit much.

Here are just a couple of examples of some nice, round, painted bellies!

Photo: Rainbow Rascals |
Photo: Rainbow Rascals |
Photo: Rainbow Rascals |

What design would you choose, if you could choose anything? 

The images within this article are from Rainbow Rascals

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