Why Postpartum Bodywork, Abdominal Massage & Belly Binding are an essential part of Postpartum Care

By Keturah Stoltenberg

When a woman births her child, the focus often shifts to the needs of her vulnerable baby. However, just as a baby’s needs are high, so the mother’s needs are high. She needs time and space to recover and heal from the strenuous act of carrying and birthing a child. Her body is fragile, her internal structures are now adjusting to a non-pregnant homeostasis, and she is likely exhausted, hungry, and overwhelmed. 

Postnatal Massage addresses the pregnancy symptoms that may linger, such as back, pelvic, hip and wrist pain, and the new discomforts she may be experiencing from spending many hours in awkward positions during labour, birth, nursing and feeding a newborn.  

The newborn mother’s body is screaming out for nurturing touch.

Trained Perinatal Massage Therapists place the postpartum mother in safe and comfortable positions, taking into consideration the details of her birth, and ways to support any additional concerns, such as leaky and painful breasts, sore areas where stitches may be present, and how to treat women with Massage after caesarean births.  

Facing the demands of an all-consuming routine, a hormonal tsunami and disrupted sleep patterns, can leave a newborn mother depleted, suffering physical pain and emotional overload.  

The newborn mother’s body is screaming out for nurturing touch.  

Postnatal Belly Binding addresses the vulnerability of a newborn’s mother’s belly, abdominal wall, abdominal organs, and digestive system.  

Bandaging or wrapping fabric around the woman’s pelvic girdle and abdominal area right up to under her breasts is an ancient practice, with many benefits for Postpartum Recovery.   

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  1. says: Jhon Muller

    Thanks for sharing the information. I was quite confused and honestly worried about getting post natal massage from anyone but after reading this article I am 80 percent prepared to book a massage session for myself. I have never imagined what post-natal massage can actually do for new mothers.

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