Natural Creators: The Natural Way To Grow A Business

Photography: Earth Dreaming

By Natalie Kent

A fertile woman is not just ripe for birthing babies; mothers are naturally wired for creation and when their creative juices are channeled effectively they can easily seed a new business from scratch. Starting a business can be both alluring and daunting, especially when you’re wanting to create a flexible business to fit with your family and lifestyle.

In the last 5 years I’ve worked with people at the conception stage of business, many are new mothers and empty-nesters who feel inspired to create a livelihood that reflects who they are and how they work best. Often they’re brimming with ideas and enthusiasm but they quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged by all the mainstream advice, technologies and fast-paced tactics that seem to be required for a business to be “successful”. However, there is another more natural way to share your creativity and create a consistent flow of money.

When it comes to creating a business, nature is our greatest teacher.

Let’s take a moment to zoom out from the typical approach to business building and look at creation through the eyes of nature. In order to create a business with the most ease and the least side effects (lost time, money and energy), we need to understand two things:

  1. How to create in rhythm with the cycles of nature – the natural timing of birth/life/death reflected to us by the sun, moon and seasons.
  1. How to create according to our most natural creation style– indicated by your primary vehicle for creation, your body’s shape and structure (because Not All Creators Were Made Equal).


All natural creations – bushes, babies and business – follow the same principles of sustainability: cyclical growth, supportive ecosystems and diverse ways of creating.

The healthy growth of your business relies upon your ability to work in tune with the natural world and your own nature. When you work against nature, your productivity and your magnetism are diminished, and you have to apply force in order to maintain growth.

The healthy growth of your business relies upon your ability to work in tune with the natural world and your own nature.

Imagine you are growing your business like a tree. That tree needs a range of nutrients at different times (innovation, partnership, networking, creativity, vision, evaluation, etc) and you, the farmer, need to be attuned to your own rhythm AND the natural environment to be able to support and foster the tree’s growth over time.

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