6 Tips For Introducing Solids To Your Tiny Tot

  1. Liquid solids.

May be an oxymoron, but soups and smoothies are a good way to mix in some nutrients and calories. The easiest is to let bub sip from a cup.

You don’t want to be relying on drinkable food all the time, but it’s worth experimenting with.

It may also be handy when your little one is teething or unwell and even less likely to want any solids (although hydration is more important at these times than food).

  1. Acquired tastes.

A tot’s tastes can be fickle. They can be all about bananas one week, then want none of them the next. The trick is to avoid sticking to a few food items only because they seem to like them. All tastes are “acquired” if you really think about it, so allow your little connoisseur the time to develop them.

Don’t insist if your child doesn’t like something, but try again in a few days or weeks and you might get a different reaction.

  1. Getting the timing right.

Avoid trying to feed your child around the clock. Even though it may be tempting if they never have more than a few mouthfuls and you’re always worried they’re hungry. They’re probably not.

It’s better to stick to consistent meal times. And if they decide to skip a meal (or two), it’s better to give them some “space” and wait until the next one. It should balance out over the week.

Alla Zaykova is a communications professional, a working mum and a storyteller with a newfound passion –¬† gentle parenting. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband and daughter.

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