Safari Totz is an online store that provides a versatile range of products for babies and children. 

Moving through my pregnancy and birth to become a mother for the first time awoke a part of my soul I never knew existed. I’ve always known I wanted to serve women, I just never knew in what way, until I had my baby and realised that I wanted to become a Birth Doula – a servant of the woman through this beautiful chapter in her life. There is absolutely nothing more motivating to me than assisting women to become the best version of themselves – to empower them to become healthy-minded so they can not only enjoy life but become strong and powerful mothers. 

As a qualified yoga and pilates teacher and third-year psychology student, my goal is to support women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with a focus on holistic mental health and trauma-sensitive practices. My services include education on infant attachment and developing healthy coping strategies, yoga and mindfulness for pregnancy, pilates for post-birth recovery and unlimited support during your labour (in a home, hospital or birth centre setting). I also guide you where necessary, in gaining further assistance from qualified professionals in postnatal depression, birth trauma and nutrition for the mother and baby.

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