When you think back to play in your own childhood what do you remember? How did you learn about and explore the world around you?

Can you remember the feeling of the wet grass on your bare feet or the gooey mud as you created your own outdoor restaurant complete with mud pies and leaf and flower salads all stirred with sticks?

That’s what Inquisitive by Nature is all about, we believe in a need for natural toys and resources that encourage imagination, then naturally, along with that, early learning follows.

Inquisitive by Nature is a boutique New Zealand online store, offering locally made and popular international products for baby, child and early childhood centres. Natural, quality products and sustainability are important to us.

We recognise that our readers aren’t solely parents, they’re young women with an array of interests. They care about the products and services they use, and their choices are considered.
TNP Magazine understands this and provides a unique platform to showcase products and services to this discerning audience.
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We’re all about gentle parenting support , pregnancy, health and wellbeing, natural products, craft , photography, art, travel and healthy food!
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Nine years on, The Natural Parent Magazine isn’t simply a quarterly magazine, but a community of like-minded parents, reaching out to our
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