Aussie Mother’s Baby Sleep Toy Invention to Take the World by Storm!

Where did the idea come from? 

So the idea came from a problem I was having when trying to get my daughter to sleep. Sadly she was a very sickly baby, tongue ties, lip ties, GERD and cow’s milk protein allergy. Anyone with a child who has experienced even one of these things alone, is likely struggling with their child’s sleep. So sleeping was a real challenge, actually the first 2 years of her life were a fog, we never slept and that’s why this product is really important to us. And when I say we never slept I am serious. I was lucky to get two hours per night. And it was never more than 30-minute blocks. She didn’t fall asleep until after 1:30 am until after 18 months, then would wake every 45 minutes in pain. It wasn’t until a gastroenterologist in Sydney helped her CMPA and GERD settle that life improved for us. So the idea with the Koola came about while I was up at night/morning with her. I used this method to get her to sleep. I remember telling my hubby the idea of putting the strategy into a toy and him saying it was a great idea (which he rarely says) so I made it happen!

I have been developing products from scratch with my previous brand, so I knew how to go about bringing this baby to life. It takes years to develop new products and I am a perfectionist so I want it to be perfect before I produce them for the public, as this is not just some junk toy you will pass on to another child or give away to a charity after your child is grown up. It’s a high quality keepsake. You will want to keep this toy and pass it down to your own child – trust me you will! 

I am finishing up the final touches of the aesthetics with a local doll maker in my home town. Even though the most important part of the Koola is the secret function I have added into the box inside, I also feel the appearance of the Koola is important so it’s not ugly and compliments the nursery. I know a lot of mothers put effort into making their babies room attractive and putting an ugly toy into the mix isn’t going to be appealing. It’s also being certified for child safety standards in Europe, AU and USA so it will be sold internationally. And just to add another layer of greatness to the Koola, profits will be going to an animal hospital.  

When will the Koola be made available? 

I cannot say for sure. I wish I could but in the manufacturing world nothing is ever rock solid when it comes to dates, but it will be in the next 3-6 months. Maybe even sooner.  

We have a VIP launch list where we are going to give our VIP list a huge discount pre-order price.

We have also priced the recommended retail price (RRP) down to be not hugely profitable on our side. It’s not the type of product you will see on sale and will be affordable even after launch. Our family is very simple, we don’t ever want to live a flashy lifestyle, so it’s not all about making the big dollars, we just like things to be affordable for everyone at all times. 

For anyone who has an infant or is planning to have a little one soon, it will be well worth the effort to get yourself onto our VIP list and have the option of buying it at a one off steal price. It will also be an opportunity for any small retailers to purchase at a wholesale price with no minimum quantity order size. 

Do you have a social media page for Koola? 

Yes, we have our social media accounts set up even though our product isn’t available, so parents can keep an eye on us and find out as soon as we reveal our sleep secret about the Koola! Plus, we will have sleep specialists and medical experts answering parents’ questions each week. There’s a lot of good information in mothers’ groups on Facebook these days but sometimes it’s nice to have access directly to experts. 

Go to to register for the pre-order launch discount VIP list and keep an eye out for updates on the Koola Baby Instagram and Facebook pages.

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