Beautiful, Handcrafted Knives: Unique Pieces to Last Generations

Yin and Yang: How do you balance work and family? 

This is a tricky one, I do work on my personal development to keep the balance.  

We went to our very first market when Emma was only 3 months old. She is growing as our business is growing. Living in this new world with borders closed and no family around is hard. Asking for help to keep the balance was a deep process for me. I am used to doing everything by myself, and when you move to a new country, this is a skill you develop fast. 

I am learning that it is okay to ask for help, and that if I don’t, I don’t grow, and neither will my business. My husband is my main support and help and the one who reminds me that it is okay to receive help. It is a work in progress for me. 

Image credit: Eva Larovere
The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

So many! I had no idea where to start, or how to set up a business, but it just felt right from the very beginning. 

It took 9 months – yes, the same as growing a baby – to write, create, organise and be ready to launch The Knife Boutique. I made heaps of phone calls and went to many meetings. I was pregnant at that time. It was interesting to see other people’s reactions to seeing a pregnant woman with a bag full of beautiful knives. Perhaps not the typical woman you would expect to have in a business meeting. 

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

I really enjoy all the people I get to know thanks to my business. Seriously, I love it so much. Creating my own business is amazing! 

I like challenges. I know that might sound weird but going through challenges is when you learn and grow. Having your own business can be stressful sometimes. It makes you become 100% responsible for your results. There is no one else to blame, and you have the control over it, whether it goes well or not.  

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Hopes and dreams: What next? 

A brilliant future for The Knife Boutique family! 🙂  

We are working with beautiful brands across New Zealand and Australia and we hope to bring back this amazing life skill, passion, dedication and love for knives.  

A handmade knife will stay in your family from generation to generation. It’s an object that has a story behind it. Some of our knives are made with a recycled plow disk from traditional farms and our hardwood takes up to 30 years to dry and be ready for use. There is a lot behind our knives. 

When you buy a handmade knife, it’s not just a knife; it is a companion to create memories along with your family and friends. 

In 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years’ time, you will still have it as a treasure in your kitchen and you will tell future generations all the stories behind it.  

Head to The Knife Boutique website to find out more and to view their beautiful, handmade range. You can also join their communities on Facebook and Instagram

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