The Bees Knees: Munch’s Innovative Employment Model Empowers Mums into Work

By Hannah Schenker

Can buying reusable beeswax wraps really make much of a difference? YES! Gone are the days of plastic wrap in your kids’ lunchbox and in your fridge – we’ve moved on. Better for your health and far better for the environment, Munch and Nil‘s beeswax food wraps are the way to go. But what makes these wraps even more incredible, is that you can actually order these via a subscription service. In the process, you will be supporting mums in South Auckland to work from home. Seriously impressed yet? We are!

Established in 2014, Munch is an eco-friendly New Zealand company that makes kitchen products and offers ideas and recipes to feed the family. A sustainable eco social enterprise, Munch and its sister brand Nil export their New Zealand-made organic beeswax wraps to Australia, United States, Canada, UK, and Europe. Since introducing their innovative subscription service, demand has increased so much that Munch have been able to support more mothers into part-time work through their unique working model. Outsourcing the work part-time to mothers in South Auckland is a win-win-WIN situation. Women in need of work that will fit around the demands of parenting, are empowered to step into work that is manageable and allows them to contribute financially to their families, and boost self-esteem in the process.

This all fits nicely into Munch’s ethos as a social enterprise business. Their main focus in everything they do is on social impacts. The three areas Munch primarily focus on in terms of social impacts are:

  1. Sustainable ‘Motherhood’ workforce
  2. Eco-friendly, unique products with strong design elements
  3. Strong advocates for our children

“We are strong supporters for the living wage,” they say. “There are so many talented mums that want ‘work to fit around their children’ rather than having their ‘children fit around work’. We are flexible and collaborative with all our mums as traditional work structures just don’t fit with us. Munch is by parents for parents.”

Back to the wraps! Are you ready for a plastic-free fridge? The Munch and Nil reusable beeswax wraps are great for the environment – every part of the wax wraps process is sustainable (they can even be turned into firestarters once you’re done with them). They are BPA-free – Bisphenol A is an endocrine-disrupting chemical found in plastics that you do not want to be ingesting (read more about it HERE). Subscribing to the beeswax wraps service will also help you reduce your household waste by eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

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