Bond with Baby While You Nourish Your Beautiful Belly Skin

By Hannah Schenker

The changes our bodies go through during pregnancy are nothing short of miraculous. How incredible that our bellies are able to swell and accommodate this growing being! Of course, this growth can be rapid, and when combined with added weight gain and hormonal fluctuations – the skin of your belly can get dry, tight and itchy, and some will develop stretch marks. A little daily TLC will go a long way in helping to keep your skin nourished and supple and gives you a chance each day to connect in with your beautiful baby.

Can you prevent stretch marks?

“Stretch marks are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it’s pulled tight to the limit during pregnancy. Whether or not you get them has a lot to do with genetics: Chances are, if your mother had them, you probably will too, but if she sailed through her pregnancies with smooth skin intact, you’ll likely follow suit. Rapid pregnancy weight gain can also make you more prone to getting stretch marks. And darker-skinned women are less likely to have stretch marks than those who are fair-skinned (plus they’re not as visible on dark skin).” [source]

Our western culture prizes taut, blemish-free skin, but the reality is that lots of women develop stretch marks at some point in their life, particularly during pregnancy for obvious reasons. While you can take steps to reduce the chance of them occurring – don’t despair if they do. It may help to think of them as the physical reminder of the miraculous changes your body went through to bring a new life into this world.

What you CAN do for your belly and body during pregnancy:

  • Nourish yourself from the inside out with good hydration.
  • If your morning sickness and food aversions allow, include lots of fresh fruit and veggies in your diet. Foods high in vitamin C are useful for keeping skin toned and supple.
  • Watch your weight – keeping weight gain slow and steady is easier on the body and skin.
  • Hydrate your belly skin with a lush belly oil.

Belly oils are wonderful in that they are absorbed easily into the skin, and they give you a chance to bond with your baby on the daily. Much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream and any chemicals can potentially make their way through the placenta to our growing baby – so it’s vital to choose a belly oil that is natural, organic and contains no nasties.

Our pick? This Belly Stretch Oil from Nature Baby.

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