Breastfeeding while practicing yoga? Apparently it is possible

    By Hannah Schenker

    So we are obviously really supportive of breastfeeding. You know that already. We hope all mothers find the support they need to be able to breastfeed. So we look out for and share a lot of information about the wonders of breastfeeding. Then we came across this Texan yogini Carlee Benear who is making a statement with her Instagram pictures of herself all pretzel-ed into advanced yoga asana shapes, WHILE breastfeeding her wee babe simultaneously.

    Yes, you might think this is just about the photo opportunity, and yes it looks really tricky and not very practical, but we kind of salute her for doing it, because in the beginning she really struggled to breastfeed.

    Benear told People, “I think a lot of moms do during those first weeks. I started my practice back up early after pregnancy because I needed it to help me adjust and relax while we were getting in the swing of all things breastfeeding.”

    Drawing on the peace of mind that her yoga practice provided, Benear began including her babe in her practice. “Little by little I let her join me on the mat to see if it would help her too,” she shared with People. Soon, Benear found herself breastfeeding while on the mat. “It’s really not any different from moms who sit and feed, moms who have to walk and feed, or moms who bottle feed. You do what works for your baby,” Benear told People.

    Here are a selection of her snaps for you to marvel at!


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