Bring Your Child’s Artwork to Life

Art to Charm

By Hannah Schenker

Our children are all artists and they create the most wonderful, imaginative drawings. As parents we treasure those drawings, often keeping them for many years – yet they can easily be lost, damaged or simply deteriorate over time.

Imagine if you could immortalise them, by turning them into a piece of jewellery that will last, that you can wear or give as a gift lasting generations to come. Well now you can! With Art to Charm.


  • Select the piece of art you’d like turned into jewellery. It can be a drawing or a painting, but simple lines have the best result.
  • Decide what kind of jewellery you would like – necklace, earrings, pendant, brooch? You decide!
  • Photograph your artwork with your phone (this is the easiest option) or scan it, turning it into an image that you can email. Then send it off to Art to Charm to work their magic.
  • Claire will work with you until a final design is chosen. Then begins the hand-making of your one-of-a-kind piece. She will take that image and etch it onto sterling silver. Once complete it will be sent to you in its unique packaging complete with original drawing.

Your jewellery is always made specifically for you. The options are endless, the only limit is your imagination.



Mother of two Nadine wanted the perfect gift for her husband who enjoys playing guitar. She chose to encompass his love for music with his love for his children by combining the two. She made a print of a footprint from each of her children, then added their names in her handwriting, which was etched onto a guitar pick pendant – making the perfect gift.

Adult artworks

Parents Fiona and Michael wanted their talented daughter’s painting to be immortalised onto jewellery. Their daughter Tara created a deeply imaginative artwork, from which Art to Charm  was able to create something simpler yet still elegant that also encompassed what the original artwork was about.

Kids Artworks

Scott wanted a personalised gift for his partner. He had his daughter draw a special image of her and her brother holding hands so Mum could treasure it forever. He was so excited with the delivery of his present, he almost couldn’t wait until Christmas before giving the gift. It was well received and worn immediately.

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