How Can Your Child Be Educated And Remain A Free Spirit?

Whatever decision you make, no matter what others are doing or saying, whether it’s to home school, flexi school, Steiner, Montessori, state school or whatever name there is that can describe the education you choose for your child. It will be the right one for you, if you have listened to yours and your child’s heart.

Statistics, data and reviews are all just information and they can become white noise if you listen and read so much of it that you become paralysed. The decision starts to weigh heavy and takes on epic proportions when we lose sight of the simplest answer.

So be brave and stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath and wait for that gentle voice to step forward and speak. The voice that is your truth and is directly connected to your child’s.

I made the decision that was right for my son. You will make the right one for yours.

Artwork: “Edward and Me in a Tree” by Sally Saint.

Sally Saint is a mother to an amazing 7 year old son, woman, healer, artist, walker of this path of life. She is passionate about natural parenting as it is in line with parenting from the heart. Her life has given her many experiences and she wishes to share and support others on this path. Her website is

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