The Changed Woman: Photo Series Celebrates The Postpartum Body

Photography: Mikaela Shannon

By Hannah Schenker

We think it is so wonderful that photographers are dedicating their time to this kind of work, documenting the varied changes a woman’s body goes through in carrying a child and becoming a mother. For some women, seeing these photos out there will give them the courage to begin loving their own changed body. That is what photographer¬†Mikaela Shannon hopes will happen by sharing her photographic project Love Your Postpartum. For mothers to see themselves as she sees them: strong, beautiful and empowered.

Mikaela Shannon

Mikaela Shannon is a 23-year-old photographer – designer – blogger from Canada. She found her way into photography through her connection with her grandparents – her grandmother loved painting, her grandfather loved photography. She watched and learned from them, and eventually found a way to express herself through these mediums too.

“I want my work to tell stories, good and sad. I believe good photography tells a story without a story even having to be told, and I hope my work does this.”

Mikaela Shannon
Mikaela Shannon
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