Christmas art: Crafts with your Kids

By Charlotte Cretney aka Little Hepburn

There is nothing more special than a handmade card this Christmas, especially for the grandparents. They will love these beautiful hand print reindeer cards! I’m going to keep the family one for Audrey’s baby book too and may do this every year as a Christmas tradition. I hope you enjoy making these as much as we did!


  • Green and red paint, or brown and red (make sure the paint is safe for children and can be used on their skin).
  • A recyclable plate, white card, white paper, ribbon – if you want bows on your reindeer and googley eyes – you can get these at book stores, The Warehouse or craft stores.
  • A paint brush, a glue stick and a glue gun (glue gun only needed if you want to stick a bow, glitter or anything else on your cards).
  • Newspaper laid down to protect your table.
  • Paint apron on your little one.

I found this link helpful if you want to make your own natural paints.



  1. I couldn’t find brown paint, so I used green and red paint – mix it together before starting to make brown paint. If you have brown paint you can start straight away with that. I put the paint on a recyclable plate so I can throw it away after. Dip your child’s hands in the paint, making sure your paper is laid out, then press them down evenly on a piece of paper. It may take a few tries to get a perfect hand print.
  2. Leave your hand prints to dry. I find it’s best to leave them overnight.
  3. Stick on your googly eyes with the glue stick.
  4. Paint red noses on your reindeer hands. I saw amazing reindeer made with red pom pom noses, but couldn’t find any in the craft store.
  5. Once the nose is dry you can stick on all your decorations onto your piece of paper. We did gold hearts.
  6. If you want to put bows on your girl reindeer, tie simple bows and glue gun them on.
  7. Cut evenly around your hand prints so they are square and ready to stick onto your card. Cut your card out to the size you want it to be and glue your artwork onto your card backing. I recommend using a ruler if you want it to be perfect.

Wahoo! Your card is finished! Get all the family to do their hand-prints too!




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