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Dream Catchers Studio

Having seen first-hand the time, effort and determination it takes for small businesses to succeed, Krissy Robinson was inspired to help. With her background in graphic design, web development, marketing and social media management, she launched Dream Catchers Studio, where she helps you create the business brand you have always dreamed of: from branding guidelines and print and online marketing materials to coaching and guidance. Here, she talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the story behind her Dream Catchers Studio, her passion for helping small businesses achieve their full potential, and her hopes for the future.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

I have worked in both large and small businesses and see the effort it takes for small businesses to succeed, with many owners being stay-at-home mums who just want to help contribute to the family income. I see them struggle to do everything: accounting, social media, marketing and creating brand awareness. They fall in every pitfall possible because, unlike the bigger businesses, they haven’t got the training behind them. But I see them get right back up and try again.  

It’s this passion that inspired me. I wanted to help small businesses really be seen and thrive in this changing world. I not only design but coach and guide businesses to avoid some of the pitfalls.  

Becoming a digital design partner for businesses is my goal, and to work hand in hand with them at an affordable rate, which they will see come back to them in time and sales. Investing in your brand will get you long-term loyal customers.  

I offer set affordable packages with payment plan options for up to 12 months.  

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?  

I had a small online business at uni and worked with SAHMs and I loved their passion and enthusiasm for their work. I finished uni and went off into the world to get more experience.  

Now I have studied for 10 more years and Covid hit, changing the way business is run, moving it online even more.  

My partner and I wanted a change to get out of Covid in the big city (Auckland). We packed our bags and bought a mini-golf course of all things. He is currently the NZ champion of mini-golf and so it was a perfect fit. My background in business and design communications and his passion for the game.  

The place was run down and in much need of some TLC. We got right to work, and I did all the branding, marketing and social media myself, while I was remotely working for a Tech company in Auckland. Getting back to my roots of branding and design again made me really want to pursue it more. Talking to my boss, he was keen to still work with me, and so I went from permanent to a contractor and Dream Catchers Studio was born.  

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