Eco Baby Products that Don’t Cost the Earth 


Modern cloth nappies have a reputation for being a lot of extra work, but that is simply not true. A lack of accurate information and education can lead to parents making decisions based on out-of-date, negative and inaccurate perceptions of cloth nappies (terry squares, soaking, and pins) and, as a result, choosing single use/disposable nappies thinking there isn’t a real alternative. 

When you add up the savings you make, not only will the cost of cloth be a fraction of the cost of disposables, but you will also make environmental savings too. While I used cloth nappies for all 5 of my children, there were times that I did use disposables. Even though my eldest is now 30, the disposables I used on her are still trying to break down in landfill and will be for another 450+ years!  

According to The Australian Nappy Association, 15% of family in Australia use cloth nappies, some full-time and some part-time. 2 billion disposable nappies are used in Australia alone every year, with each one taking up to 500 years to break down in landfill, so even part-time cloth nappy use will have a massive impact. 

Askels provides absorbent, comfortable cloth nappies that look gorgeous for the little tush in your life. We sell most reusable items needed for bub, including wipes, nappies, wet bags and breast pads. My favourite item is the nappy backpack that we sell. They have so much space inside that you could fit enough cloth nappies in for 2 babies, plus all their clothes, AND they are stylish and affordable too.  

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