Eco Baby Products that Don’t Cost the Earth 

What makes our products stand out is the affordability and the experience we have. Five children, two grandkids and many nieces and nephews mean loads of practice and input to ensure we have amazing products.  

The product that started all this for us was the nappy and wet bag name tags and these are still our biggest sellers. The nappy tags snap onto the front of cloth nappies for day care so they come home to the rightful owner. The wet bag tags are great to label with your name and/or to label dirty or clean items. Now the world is opening back up again, we have even heard of people using them for their luggage to make it easy to find at the airport! 

The thing I really love about my work is helping new parents, grandparents and businesses. How, you may ask. We also sell fabrics to make cloth nappies that are bought by expectant parents and grandparents, so they can give it a go too.  

We offer bulk buy discounts as well, so many businesses purchase from us too. 

Visit the Askels website to find out more and to browse their gorgeous range. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram. 

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