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The ultimate breast pad alternative for mamas who leak breast milk and don’t want to waste a drop! The Ladybug attaches to your breast with light suction to hold it in place. It sits discreetly in your bra, saving all your leakage and let-down without affecting your supply. It’s super soft and comfy, making it perfect for wearing at home or out and about. Available in single and twin packs.


Say goodbye to single-use plastic breast milk storage bags, and hello to the safer, reusable option – the Haakaa Silicone Storage Bag! With a 260ml capacity, these bags are such a staple item for any pumping mama trying to cut down on harmful plastics that can leach nasties into their breast milk. This bag is fridge, freezer and heat-safe, leakproof, and super easy-care – just give it a good scrub and then boil to sterilise.

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