Ethical, Organic, Sustainable: NZ Merino Clothing for Kids

Monster Merinos

Michelle Forde combined her passion for sewing and merino fabric with her desire to run her own business, taking over New Zealand company Monster Merinos. Using 100% New Zealand-made merino, they create gorgeous clothing for children and babies, and a small range for adults too, in vibrant colours and traditional styles. Their soft, silky, non-prickly garments are perfect for kids: comfortable, practical and stylish. They are easy to care for with natural odour-resistant fibres, and the breathable material keeps body temperatures regulated too. Here, Michelle talks about taking on the challenge of running a business and her desire to see more kids dressed in quality merino.

You have recently taken over Monster Merinos. What inspired you to want to run your own business?” 

I had been looking for a business opportunity for quite some time as I liked the idea of being my own boss.  

I have been a sewer for approximately 5 years now and during that time developed a passion for merino fabric. I think that passion also came from the fact I was born and bred on a sheep and beef farm and my husband and I had a large sheep and beef farm for many years. We have also always been involved in the sheep shearing industry. My husband is a shearer and so is my daughter! I have done my time in the woolsheds as a woolhandler and my second daughter also works as a wool handler when not at university.

I love wool and truly believe it is an excellent product. 

Monster Merinos ticked the boxes for me. I love the practical designs which are great for everyday use, I love the fabric and I love the fact it is all made here in New Zealand!

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?  

As mentioned, I am very new to this business. I have started out by getting the Monster Merinos name out to my friends and using Facebook as an advertising tool. I also intend to do markets in the future. 

Yin and Yang: How do you balance work and family? 

I believe it’s really important to do what makes us happy. It’s important to have time out, have that coffee with friends, go for that walk, and plan that holiday. 

For me, I try to be organised so the above happens! 

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