Fierce Self Care for Tired Mamas

By Nikki Veliz

A friend sent me a text after we bumped into each other grocery shopping:

“You look great! Just thought I needed to tell you.”

We’d only seen each other a couple of weeks before when the kids had played together at the beach.

So what was different?

I’d been going through a lot of recent overwhelm from our current living situation.

And I’d had a few consecutive nights of my 18-month-old boy feeding 9 times overnight due to teething.

I should’ve been a complete mess.

At home.

Too tired and run down to even drive.

So yes, something WAS different.

And I knew what it was. So I was excited to tell her!

I messaged back:

“Woman!!! Thank you!!! I’ve been prioritising rest…I’ve been practicing Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra nearly every day!”

Her response?

“Well you look amazing…it’s totally working!”

And I believe her.

Because I DO feel GOOD!

I’m not as tired – even though I co-sleep with a teething, breastfeeding toddler.

I feel more calm – even though he’s constantly challenging me and his 4-year-old sister at the moment.

I’m able to get myself out of a negative thought cycle quicker – even though we’re currently ALL sleeping in a small lounge-room. AND our home is open-planned. Bahahahahaha! Tired Mamas, I know you feel me there!

Soooooo. What is Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra?

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