Finding Hope & Strength when Trying to Bring a Rainbow Baby into your World 


Journaling was such a big part of my healing. When things would cause me to become stressed out or anxious, I would write about them and where my fears were coming from. This wasn’t an easy process at times, but I would try to reframe those fears in a way that allowed me to feel a little more hopeful, a little more content, a little more full of love.  

I would dream and visualise of how we might bring her into the world so full of hope and love and wonder, and that she would be placed so happy and healthy into my arms.  

Allowing The Wonder Of Their Precious Journey  

I wanted to feel the wonder of their precious journey. I wanted to believe that this little one chose me to be their mama for a reason. That they would be bringing their own special light into the world, and I was so blessed to be nurturing every part of her.  

We were so blessed that we saw that precious little baby growing from the tiniest little circle in the very early days at a 5-week scan all the way through my early pregnancy and later pregnancy. It will never ever cease to amaze me the wonder of life; the wonder of a woman growing and nurturing a baby; the wonder of a baby growing inside its mother’s womb. 

I was so very blessed to find so many precious people and brought together practices that helped me all the way through that journey, and I had the most beautiful and connected pregnancy. In early motherhood, as we now have our precious little one in our arms so happy and healthy and who absolutely lights up our world with every colour of the rainbow, these practices allow me to navigate all there is to being a mama. 

I now work with precious mamas in their journey to and through mamahood, bringing together everything I have learned and practiced and experienced in my own journey – through both the hard times and finding that joy and wonder. I provide meditations, energy practices, 1:1 coaching and group programmes online and in person. It is my passion to help women connect to that hope and the wonder of being a mama. As a starting point, I invite you to follow my story on social media. I have a range of complimentary meditations available on my website, or reach out for any guidance. I wish you so much hope, strength and love in your journey. 

Jo (Intuitive Mama Coach) is a mama to 3 children and 2 precious angels who at 40 brought her precious little rainbow baby into the world after a secondary infertility journey. Her passion is to bring hope and healing to other mamas. She shares her experiences of dealing with loss, secondary infertility, pregnancy and mamahood within her social media platforms and provides meditations, energy practices, 1:1 coaching and group programmes online and in person. For more information visit or follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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