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HeartRadiance is the home of energetic and emotional healing, specialising in handmade flower essences, workshops and education. Flower essences balance the energy systems of the human body to support emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing and promote healing. By supporting energetic health, they allow you to get in touch with your needs, encouraging shifts in patterns of thought, beliefs and feelings that no longer serve you, and help you to acknowledge the power and substance of your personal and emotional wellbeing. Here Grace Meredith talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the passion behind their family business, the challenges they have overcome along the way, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

HeartRadiance Flower Essences were created by my mother almost three decades ago! Annie was inspired by her own family, and by the women that she was supporting in her everyday work as an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Annie is a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellbeing, and had been working with flower essences for twelve years before developing her own products. She perceived a lack of support for the complexity and sophistication of women’s emotional and energetic wellbeing, and set out to bring balance and recognition of women’s needs.

By incorporating her knowledge of TCM, acupuncture and flower essences, Annie began to support the feminine in a male-dominated culture. And the beautiful part about it? This balance of masculine and feminine benefits everyone – woman or man – because that’s the nature of balance. Our business was inspired by balancing the yin and yang in the world, and in each human being.

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

When HeartRadiance first started out, it was just Annie in her garden, feeling pulled to the energetics of certain plants and flowers. One of her first essences was actually created for me, her 12-year-old daughter at the time. I had my first period, and I was struggling with the pain. We were living on our bush block in the mountains, and as Mum held me and soothed my pain, she noticed a flower waving to her from across the gully!

That flower was Native Hibiscus, and it remains a powerful healer in our range to this day. Its voluminous, delicate white petals feature a complex network of ‘veins’ that lead to a deep red, velveted pool at the centre of the flower. Once the flower has bloomed, the petals twist and contract in a kind of bud that is remarkably uterus-shaped! This is an example of the beautiful synchronicities that we humans share with nature, and this is the business of flower essences. Finding plants and flowers that express the energy and beauty of our lives – and then taking that essence, or energy, to balance and bring harmony back to the mind, body and spirit.

Annie went about creating her range of essences that would assist her clients, and named them Spirit of Woman, in honour of the Yin that she was bringing to the world.

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

Spirit of Woman Essences were incredibly successful with her clients, and popular with natural health practitioners – but it was an intense amount of work for a single mum on her own. So the business continued while life continued, as it does!

Things really shifted when decades later, I had my first child. I felt pulled to be around other like-minded women, to be in nature, and to be supported. Like many new mothers, I found the transition to motherhood to be a hard and fast one. But in the maelstrom of this new way of being, I also realised the power of the flower and the potential of these healing tools that had ALWAYS been there for me: flower essences.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, alongside my mother and my sister, we began working to update and transform Spirit of Woman into what it is today: HeartRadiance.

Put simply, during a time of disconnection and isolation, we wanted to support all people to live a life of love, radiance and balance. Fundamentally, we believe that connection, collaboration and community are vital to human beings, and to happy healthy families – hence our real breakthrough was in finding our own heart radiance and working together as a family team.

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