The Beauty, Healing Powers & Life-Enhancing Energy of Crystal Grids

Crystal Visions

After suffering through childhood trauma, a melanoma diagnosis and struggles with anxiety, it was Carla Roebuck’s lifelong love for crystals that got her through the hardest of times. She used them as a tool to help her heal physically and emotionally and they worked wonders for her through this process. She has especially benefited from doing a crystal grid ritual regularly and is passionate about sharing the beauty, healing powers and life-enhancing energy of crystals and crystal grids with others. She wants to help others heal themselves and manifest their dreams. 

Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to manifest dreams, goals and intentions, as well as being powerful healing tools. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combined energies of the crystals you use, how you lay them out and the intentions you set. The universe likes to provide us with what we need, not just what we want, so it’s best to focus on manifesting a need versus a want if you would like it to come to fruition. Some of the more common intentions that people use for crystal grids are for wellbeing, abundance, healing and protection, and you can do them on your own or with a group with a shared intention. 

Crystal gridding can be used in a variety of ways. As well as being the most wonderful high vibe decor in any space, they can be used in healing (both in-person and distance healing), in manifesting, ritual work, meditation, intention-setting practices or simply as a creative endeavour.   

At Crystal Vision, they offer a Custom Crystal Grid Service, where Carla intuitively channels a crystal grid for you to use, or you can work together virtually to create the perfect crystal grid for you. They have many beautiful crystals on offer that can be used to make your own crystal grids. They also have crystal grid sets that you can purchase to get you started. These are wonderful for manifesting abundance, love of all kinds, healing and protection.  

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to crystal grids; it’s best to use your own intuition and work with what you feel guided to do with the crystals. Carla believes that the most powerful healing and manifesting comes when you go with your gut feelings and what feels right for you as an individual.

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