Hurry Up

Kimberley Rich Photography

By Lacey Owen

If there’s one phrase I need to work on dropping from my vocabulary (and no it’s not “for f***s sake”, although in all honesty it should be that too), I wish I could stop myself from saying “Hurry up”. 

“Hurry up and eat your breakfast”. 
“Hurry up and put your shoes on”. 
“Hurry up and get in your car seat”. 
“Hurry up and eat your dinner”. 
“Hurry up and get in the bath”. 
“Hurry up and go to sleep”. 

Despite the innocent connotation behind them, I’ve come to realise how damaging they are and as the kids grow older I’ve caught myself repeating it time and time again. 

And it needs to stop. 

There’s no malice behind these words, no hint of sarcasm or sense of belittlement, just an exasperated mum trying to make it to multiple drops offs before work at 8.30am with hair still attached to her head! 

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