“I’m Hungry!” 12 Tricks To Fill Them Up

By Kate Barnes

Do you ever get just a little tired of hearing the constant call of kids announcing, “I’m hungry”, or “What can I have to eat, mum?” I know I sure do, and if you’re not prepared, it can be frustrating, relentless and annoying to say the least. In order to save your sanity, I’ve got a few quick and easy strategies that are guaranteed to lower your stress levels, and ensure you’re not stuck for an answer…ever again! As a parent, you know that preparation is the key to keeping things from going haywire.

So when that proclamation, “Mum… I’m hungry” is made in your house – you’ll be ready. You’ll be armed with the most nutritious, satisfying food imaginable and a few sneaky back-up strategies too. Plus there’s a bonus.

This is for all of us – not just the kids.

When you yourself are in need of a snack or want to treat yourself, use the same nourishing, simple strategies, and notice how you feel? And…how you look? It won’t be long before you look and feel better yourself. Now, that’s multi-tasking taken to a whole new level!

12 Simple Strategies:

  • Breakfast. Start the day well and enjoy a good, nourishing breakfast with plenty of satiating fats and protein for example eggs (of any kind) leftovers from the night before, nourishing smoothiebaked beans or a whole grain porridge dressed up with natural organic yogurt, seeds and nuts. Or join me on ‘The Great Breakfast Adventure’ to kickstart the best day! We start on the 11th of May.
  • Fuel up with lots of healthy fats or protein as snacks ahead of simple carbohydrates, e.g. biscuits and cake. These foods are so much more satiating and give them the nutrients their growing, hungry bodies need. Being organised is the key to success but…not always easy. Here are some ideas to help:
  • A well-stocked pantry, fridge or freezer with nourishing snacks ready to go, e.g., homemade power ballscoconut ice balls with a zesty twistbacon & egg piesbiltongthe chocolate alternative, homemade dips and pesto, chia seed pudding, rice cakes with butter or nut butter, organic coconut yoghurt, leftovers, e.g. soup, sausages or other nourishing meals. If those snacks aren’t readily available, then:
  • Pantry essentials ready to go. Have the basic ingredients on hand so you’re ready to create some nourishing magic at any time. Most of the snack recipes on my site take 5 minutes to prepare and no more than 15 minutes!
  • Upgrade. If you’re running short on time for preparing food and need to resort to packaged options, upgrade to choices that are: few in ingredients, use natural sugars (if any), don’t use vegetable oils and use ingredients you can recognise, i.e. aren’t littered with numbers. Other ideas to help fill them up:
  • Have a “cook-up” on the weekend or any afternoon. Invite a couple of buddies over, and cook up a storm together and so you don’t have to think so much about food during the week.
  • Bring dinnertime forward. Quite often kids get back from school and they’re hungry and fill up on less nourishing foods. Making their dinner, afternoon tea – works a treat.

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