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Journey Food and Beverage Co.

By Leah Down

When we purchased our importing and distribution business a few years ago we had five organic products in our range. Over this time we have seen organics move from the domain of specialty stores to rapidly taking over whole sections of mainstream supermarkets and dedicated “free from” aisles. Fast forward to 2018 and we have 21 certified organic products out on the shelves of various retailers and in our online store.

Part of our evolution at Journey Food & Beverage Co has been to search out and establish partnerships with suppliers that share our values. Adding to our organic range has become an important part of our company philosophy.

All of our products are sourced from German manufacturers where organic standards are formulated and overseen by government (the European Union). Certification is compulsory if using the term “organic” and ensures all inputs and ingredients are certified as well.

It is interesting to note that out of 89 countries, New Zealand and Australia are the only ones without mandatory regulations around the use of the term organic on products .

Organic Pasta

One of the most popular products in our range are our kids pasta shapes with dinosaurs, safari or farm animals. We recently add a gluten free dinosaur option as well. Our high protein Fit n Free range is certified organic, gluten free and vegan and doesn’t disintegrate when cooked.
The organic ingredients for this range are sourced from Italy, Turkey and other countries within the EU. All products are manufactured by Alb Gold in Germany.

PEMA Organic Rye Breads

Made partly from sourdough, the grain in these fiber rich breads is sourced from carefully selected organic farms. A washing process activates the naturally occuring vitamins and minerals in the grains and a low and slow baking process seals the goodness in.

Available in five flavours – Sunflower, Linseed, Multigrain, Whole Rye and traditional Pumpernickel.

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