Just One Easy Strategy for a Healthy Easter

By Kate Barnes

How crazily excited do kids get at the thought of Easter! Actually for our guys it’s more the thought of all that CHOCOLATE! Are you excited?…If you’re like me it’s a bit of yes and…no.

Not so excited because it’s another tradition excessively commercialised. If it was families gathering, celebrating and just chocolate at Easter that’d be fine. However, the shops have been full of Easter eggs for months! (Thankfully I’ve been able to distract the kids pleas for them) With this commercialisation it’s easy to become desensitised to the celebration and the excitement of Easter.

Like many things that become easily accessible, the ritual, tradition, the symbolism and the excitement becomes diluted and sometimes the festival doesn’t mean as much.

That aside, I am excited at the festivity of Easter and how it brings family and friends together and…food is an important element of galvanising the gathering and the celebration. Tradition, holiday, food and family – an awesome combination and so Easter is a very special time.

If you don’t already have your own Easter traditions, this Easter I invite you to cultivate your own traditions and rituals and firmly establish what Easter means to you and your family. Declare it and share it with your family and/or friends. It will work magic.

For Easter we’ll be making home made chocolates. For the kids we will be buying Easter eggs (organic or locally made chocolate) – it’s part of the tradition now. My mum and dad have been clever and rather than Easter eggs, give the kids a little Easter present – which the kids love. With the change of seasons we also give the kids winter PJs (a great idea that a friend does with her family). And we’ll be having an Easter egg hunt with the kids and celebrating with family!

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