Meet the Company that is Turning our Rubbish into Clothing

The big question we want answered is, what exactly does recycled swim and active wear look and feel like? Turns out if we didn’t tell you that it was made from recycled materials, you would never know. Class of 84 Clothing swimwear is soft, light weight, super stretchy and built to last. Check them out here.

Their active wear is not just eco friendly but is also made for performance. Their tights are lightweight, absorbent and feel amazing on, which is probably why they sold out so quickly. You can check them out here.

What’s next for Class of 84? Hayley said they are looking at expanding their range of active wear and women’s swim wear. They recently released a two-piece swimsuit that is specifically designed for breast feeding. Aside from using recycled materials the company are working to become more sustainable. They are working to reduce their carbon omission, offering customers the opportunity to offset their purchase at checkout. They are also working to reduce their carbon omissions through our manufacturing and fulfilment processes. All of their packaging is reusable and can be thrown into the compost when you are done. 

As Hayley explains, “This is just the start. Class of 84 Clothing is working to become an industry leader along with being a fully sustainable and carbon neutral company.”  

Visit the Class of 84 Clothing website to check out their full range, and join their communities on Facebook and Instagram.

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