What To Do When Motherhood Is Kicking Your Butt…

Gone are the days of ignoring the signs that we aren’t coping and just pushing on anyway. Gone are the days of sacrificing oneself entirely for her family – for that is a one-way ticket to chronic health issues, severed relationships and burn out.

If you don’t have the means to receive extra support, start with finding creative ways to better care for yourself. Prioritising your values doesn’t cost much but will yield a great return. Running a hot bath and allowing your weary body to steep in a candle-lit space for 20 minutes once a week can be so rejuvenating. Setting some time aside to prep nutritious snacks for the week so you can reach for a healthy choice instead of a quick sugar fix will give you more energy and clarity. Playing your favourite music in the kitchen so you can dance your way to inspiration throughout the day can be a wonderful way to move your body and change your state. Buying yourself beautiful flowers for your dining table as an expression of beauty or joy is a lovely way to acknowledge yourself too. Listening to inspiring podcasts or audio books while driving or cleaning, walking or making dinner is a small change that can easily support a shift in your mindset.

It’s absolutely free to take a few minutes in the shower each day deep breathing into your belly and finding comfort in being reconnected with your calm, wise, centre. Small steps towards thriving.

My cleaner costs $75 for 3 hours which equates to $37.50 per week – a cost that I can justify sacrificing something else if need be, but a service that gives me back more than 3 hours of my valuable time. A house that feels clean and somewhat organised does wonders for a busy mama’s headspace.

I could list a gazillion ideas to help you prioritise your needs – but it works better when you create your own list of the things that matter TO YOU. And I don’t mean an overwhelming to-do list that makes you feel like you’ve just added more to your plate – rather a few simple, easy habits you can embody to support feeling fulfilled, seen and appreciated as a woman again.

If you need help uncovering your values and learning how this knowledge can help you to make more self supportive choices, go ahead and download my FREE 10 minute values exercise here. It’s my gift to you, because I know what a difference this information can make in your life.

So, start there beautiful mama. Know your Values. Know who you are and what you need to thrive then make decisions and take action from a full cup.

Scraping from an empty barrel brings no joy, no pleasure and no light.

Less force, more Grace.

You FIRST, then the rest becomes more fulfilling, I promise.

After a recent miscarriage, I was meditating on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia. Out of the stillness of my grief, ‘Mama Goddess‘ – the business, was conceived. Later that year, she was ‘born’ and launched – making it my mission to bring light, healing and empowerment to women and mothers around the world. Find more about me and the programs I offer here: WebsiteFacebookInstagram.

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