My Last Baby

Photography: Serina Crinis

By Sarah Noble

She’s my last baby, I won’t get to do this again.

So, I’m not rushing to get her to sleep in her own room.

I’m not rushing to stop the contact naps.

I’m not rushing anything.

I’m soaking in all those baby moments, because any day now, she’ll be walking and officially a “toddler”.

I am acutely aware of how grown up my 3-year-old seems and how fast Alyssa is growing and I am equal parts excited and sad to have 2 toddlers soon.

I hated being told “they grow so fast” the first time, cos when it’s hard it feels like it never ends.

But also, they do.

I encourage you to take a moment, take several moments, every day to notice your kids.

Sniff your baby’s head.

Be fully aware of the sounds and feels of that breastfeed.

Take a deep breath as you watch the tantrum with compassion.

Laugh at the funny things your toddler says.

Gush at the sweet things your kids do.

What a beautiful mess it all is ❤

Sarah Noble is a Mum of a 1-year-old and 3-year-old. She is a Mindset Coach for Mums, helping them to manage their mind, optimise their mental health and come home to their authentic selves, while navigating motherhood. She also hosts Mamas’ circles. She loves normalising conversations around everyday motherhood and mental health and shares her own journey openly. You can connect with Sarah on Instagram and Facebook

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