Nature-Derived, Steroid-Free Soothing Creams & Balms to Ease Skin Irritation

Dermagen by Botanical Chemist

With a lifelong passion for plants and botanicals, Karen Cheah uses her pharmaceuticals background to create natural, plant-based skincare products that will alleviate painful and irritating skin conditions in children and adults.

Having seen first-hand the trauma and heartbreak of a child coping with eczema, she didn’t want others to suffer like her son had, at just four years old. Sleepless nights, constant flare-ups, itching, pain and frustration became part of their daily lives and nothing seemed to help. She also knew that topical steroids were not always the answer to long-term skin issues.

Since discovering there are natural extracts and active ingredients (like propolis and manuka) that can help with healing and prevention, she made it her mission to help others.

A year ago, she talked to The Natural Parent Magazine about Nature’s Skin-Healing Remedies and the gentle, effective products she has created to ease symptoms and heal frustrating skin conditions.

12 months later, we catch up with Karen Cheah from Margaret River about how her brand Dermagen by Botanical Chemist is going… 

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