Painful Nipples From Breastfeeding? Try SILVERETTE Nursing Cups

Photography: Marijke de Jong

After becoming a mother and starting to breastfeed her daughter, Stephanie Harper also started experiencing nipple pain. Breastfeeding was such an important part of the mothering journey for her that she was determined to continue, so sought out something to relieve the pain. She discovered the SILVERETTE® healing nursing cups online, decided to try them out, and when she figured out exactly how to use them, she hasn’t looked back. We spoke to her to find out a little more about these cups and her growing business. 

Photography: Marijke de Jong

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?
I have a very keen interest in health and natural products that support and work with the body, so when I heard about the SILVERETTE ® healing nursing cups I thought, what a great idea! I read so many amazing reviews from other mums on the internet that I just had to try them.

I started using the cups consistently two days after my daughter was born and I can honestly say I never had any pain or irritation while I was using them.

Whilst it’s widely agreed by breastfeeding experts that breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, as long as the latch and positioning are correct, this is more the ideal than the reality for some women, especially for first time mothers. And while significant pain and damage isn’t normal and should be investigated by a lactation consultant (who can check the latch/positioning and look for lip/tongue ties), unfortunately, it happens. The pain, both physical and psychological, interferes significantly with how women feel about breastfeeding. It can cause anxiety, despair and helplessness (which in turn can lead to supply problems), and ultimately, women giving up.

SILVERETTE ® cups can help to not only heal any pain or damage that has occurred, but prevent any complications from happening while mothers (and babies) are mastering the art of breastfeeding. This ultimately encourages mothers not to give up – which is why I think the product is so great.

I have become so passionate about breastfeeding since I had my daughter. I just absolutely love it and knowing how good it is for her makes me so happy. It is an incredibly fulfilling act for both mother and baby and every minute deserves to be enjoyed.

I would love every mother to enjoy the same breastfeeding bliss I have. It’s sad to think that mothers have had to give up breastfeeding because of painful, damaged nipples, when that likely could have been prevented.

There was no distributor for SILVERETTE ® in NZ so I decided to bring them here. Even if one vital breastfeeding relationship is saved by making these cups available here in NZ, or one mother is spared the agony of painful, damaged nipples, I will be happy.

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?
I spoke to a lot of my ‘mum friends’, midwives and others in the breastfeeding profession, to make sure there was interest in the product before I went ahead. Setting up a business was completely new to me, so I spent months researching, talking to friends/family who own their own businesses and getting advice from various professionals such as accountants, business mentors, and those in sales, marketing and advertising. My mother came up with my business name (and she’s a great sales woman!), my extremely talented auntie took all of the photos and I’ve been given lots of valuable advice from friends and family, so it’s been a wonderful team effort!

As it is with learning anything new, it’s an ever evolving process and the learning never ends – which I love.

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?
Securing a deal with the Natural Parent magazine! My business is still very new, so there have not been any big breakthroughs (yet).

Photography: Marijke de Jong

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