Genderless Nipple campaign throws Instagram algorithm

By Hannah Schenker

WARNING! Nipples ahead 🙂

Instagram does not dig nips.

Images containing nipples are routinely flagged by their algorithms and posts taken down. But the Genderless Nipple campaign is supporting the Free the Nipple movement by only posting images of nipples close up, rending it impossible to detect whether it is a female or male nipple. This clever tactic means sometimes it is men’s nipples causing offence and the image removed, clearly showing the absurdity of censoring nipples at all.

Why is this interesting or important? Well if campaigns like this can do anything to help reduce the sexualising of breasts and the resulting offence taken by things like breastfeeding, then GREAT.

Gender equality isn’t a women’s issue. It’s a human issue. It affects all of us!

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The sexist double standard with regards to nipples is being fought by this clever campaign. While butts and genitalia are obviously off-limits, it’s the nipple policy that seems the most ridiculous, when its own system cannot detect a difference between the two sexes.

As Genderless Nipples state, “Men are allowed to show their nipples, women’s get banned.”

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