Postpartum Belly Wrapping FAQ

By Julia Jones

I keep coming across people talking about belly wrapping and it’s great that people are interested in this ancient postpartum tradition again, but the way some people talk about it makes belly wrapping sound like a complicated procedure. I wanted to share my own learnings and experience with belly wrapping after childbirth. I like to keep things simple. I’m not into rules, I’m into feeling good. It’s all about oxytocin.

Why Should I Wrap My Belly?

In case you are still wondering why you would wrap your belly after birth there is many reasons. Belly wrapping grounds your nervous system by preventing air and space elements from entering the body, helps your organs come back into their proper positions, aids digestion, aids posture and helps with the application of therapeutic oils. But there is one more reason (and I think it is the only one that matters.)

Belly wrapping after childbirth FEELS SO GOOD!!! Most women love it, they feel comforted and held and nourished, it’s like an all-day hug.

Of course, some women don’t like it, and that’s fine too. If it doesn’t feel good, just leave it out of your postpartum rejuvenation plan.

What Equipment Do I Need?

There are loads of specially designed belly wraps and if they appeal to you and feel good then use them. But I’ve found they dig in or ride up. You can also just use about 1/2 a metre of soft cotton or muslin and wrap it around yourself, an old sari is perfect. Some mothers love this daily wrapping sadhana (spiritual practice) others find they simply don’t have time and it’s too fiddly.

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