Postpartum Doula: A Day In The Life

Mama and I chat about why baby might have had such a hard time settling and a few tactics on calming baby when he is like that as well as how to avoid them in the future. Over a nice cup of tea we then chat about her older daughter’s sleep issues and some possible ways to manage them over a healthy lunch we prepared. We talk about what might be the root causes of the regression and how to remedy the habits that her and her husband have fallen into out of sheer desperation and exhaustion. 

11:45am – Mama was thrilled to see that I had used the baby wrap to carry baby as she did not know how to tie the monster piece of fabric around her and baby. I show her a few ways to tie it and how to adjust it as baby gets older.

12:30pm – Baby is tired but is struggling to go to sleep. His screaming is stressing out Mama who is trying to put him down to sleep in his bassinet instead of in her arms. I take baby and soothe his screams while Mama calms down. We work on some soothing techniques, stick him in a swaddle and I guide her through soothing him to sleep until he is fast asleep in his bassinet. 

1:30pm – Baby is awake again and hungry. I watch as Mama brings him to nurse successfully without any intervention from me! She is so proud and I see her face light up with joy and relief. 

I make us a nice lunch while Mama nurses. 

2pm – Baby quickly doses off to sleep on Mama. We eat lunch and I fold baby’s laundry from the dryer.

2:30pm – Daddy walks through the door to find a relaxed Mama on the couch with a snack watching Netflix, a clean house, dinner prepped and a napping baby. He comments on how his wife looks like a completely different person than this morning. I have a quick chat with him about how he is doing and Mama suggests that he take a quick nap before they all head off to pick up their daughter from Kindergarten. 

3pm – my day is done and I leave a well-rested, well-fed happy little family!

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Originally from New York City, Sasha has lived throughout the United States, spent 15 years in Paris, France before moving to Singapore and is now settled in Munich, Germany. She had my first son in Paris and her second in Germany. Both of her boys hold two passports, speak three languages and have travelled the world with Sasha and her partner!

As an expat mom, Sasha understands the struggles that new moms face, whether you are surrounded by family or 6000 miles away from home! She believes that it is her role to provide you with evidence-based information and nurturing support to help you find the right path for your family.

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