Postpartum Recovery: How Important is Your 6-Week Postnatal Check?

A little about what a Women’s Health Physio may check: 
  • Internal assessment to check the placement of the pelvic organs: uterus, bladder, and bowel.
  • Internal assessment to check the strength and endurance of the deep core muscles. 
  • Real time ultrasound to show what happens to the internal muscles when doing a pelvic floor contraction properly.  
  • Movement analysis.

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I’ll leave you with this: Birth is trauma and while pelvic floor dysfunction is common, it is  NOT normal, so don’t live with it Mama! You are not in it alone and help is available. You deserve better! 

A little about me and my passion

I’m Mel, an Irish mammy to two young girls who made New Zealand my home over 11 years ago.  

I have always had a love for movement and fitness, however after having my first child, I knew I needed to specialise my skills and knowledge into working with new mums. I was utterly horrified at the lack of information and support provided to new mums when it came to recovering their bodies after having a baby. Thankfully, that information and the support available is growing with trainers becoming specialised in working with mothers. I have had two c-sections, both very different experiences, and one thing I am grateful for is knowing what I know. Knowing what to look for, where to start and knowing when something isn’t quite right.

That is why I am here and why I started my business, so I can share my knowledge, and educate and empower new mums to own their bodies, be confident in them and move well for motherhood.  

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