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Carolyn Caine-Caitlin is passionate about crystals and their healing potential. She is a self-taught jewellery designer and creator, and has roughly 20 years experience with natural, metaphysical, and vibrational healing therapies. Carolyn started Pure Craft Nz as a way to share not only her arts, but to bring wonderful healing, vibrational therapies out into the world. We spoke to her to learn more about how she got started.

Carolyn Caine-Caitlin
The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

For many years I have loved and enjoyed the healing benefits of crystals, and vibrational therapies that focus on the metaphysical. I have witnessed some incredible healing for not only myself, but for my children, my mother, and friends.

My second son Sean was the one who got me into crystals and rocks when he was a toddler, always finding them in the garden or in places you didn’t think there would be any. So I took him to the local crystal shop so he could choose a special stone. He picked a Green Jasper – which was interesting because it aligned with the heart chakra, and he was born with a heart murmur.

My eldest son Bronson also chose himself a stone, a Blue Kyanite, which aligns with the throat chakra (for communication) – which supports the cerebellum and motor responses of the body. It also treats the brain. That was also quite interesting, because Bronson unfortunately was born three months early with severe brain damage causing severe paralysis of the entire left hand side of his body. His brain cells that control the left side, died at birth. They don’t grow back. Specialists told me he’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life after seeing his one month brain scan. He was born with periventricular leucomalacia with a left hemiplegia (severe cerebral palsy). After everything we did together, using Occupational Therapy, and with the support of my metaphysical practices as well, he is now classed as having only a mild severity, instead of severe. Specialists were amazed, stating that he has created new connections in the brain, from brain cells none of us use, so he could manipulate his left side. A true miracle, I swear. He even made the school basketball team in his second year of high school. It has been an amazing journey to watch. He is now 19 years old, studying a carpentry course, and is currently building a house!

My mother also had issues with her blood pressure and cholesterol a few years back… borderline heart attack she told me. Upon hearing this, I immediately sent her some supportive crystals as I lived many hours away and wasn’t able to visit right away. About two weeks later she updated me, and said that everything had gone back to normal levels. We don’t know if it was the new medication, or the crystals – or perhaps both played a role in supporting her recovery? Either way, it was a great surprise!

So, Pure Craft Nz seems to encompass many things I am passionate about – from metaphysical healing, to the healing benefits of crystals, the power of belief, and the alchemical benefits of sacred geometry ~ which I weave into every creation.

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

I actually used to have a habit of carrying numerous crystals in my pockets for particular benefits, and so my pockets were always bulging with them! I had purchased a couple of healing bracelets for different chakras from my favourite metaphysical shops, but unfortunately over the years they all broke, and so I collected the stones in a wee glass bowl. 

One day I decided I would source some stretchy cord, and remake a full chakra bracelet for myself (using sacred geometry/Fibonacci as a way to organise the placement of stones) from the stones I had collected. I posted a photo on Facebook, and all of a sudden people wanted one for themselves, family, and their friends. Soon enough, I had to purchase more stones and materials, and thought to myself – I could make something of this – and so I did. Everything seemed to align. My artistic streak, my healing streak, and even all the things I’d studied in university all seemed to come together. 

So, as a solo mum of three boys (who at the time were three years old, 10 years old, and 13 years old), I took my last $500 and invested it all. I started a Facebook fan page, then later an Instagram account, and an Etsy account.  I soon ended up moving away from Etsy, and built my own website from the ground up, using the skills I’d learned in website development and design.

Pure Craft Nz was born!

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

I think the biggest breakthrough for my business has been connecting with so many wonderful people throughout New Zealand, and the world, who share the same vision of metaphysical healing. Who believe in magic. Who take an interest in health, and healing. Who have a great respect for our Mother Earth, and what she can provide in regards to our everyday well-being.

To see the results, to hear all the amazing experiences from others that have purchased my healing creations, is a big inspiration for me, and so I see that connection as a great breakthrough. For those who believe in magic, shall truly find it.

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