Reiki: Healing for the Whole Family

Reiki enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself, working throughout the body on each level, being absorbed by cells, tissues and organs, flowing to the mind, emotions, spiritual essence and aura.

It should be reminded that in some cases the release of toxins, energetic or physical, can cause a person to feel worse before feeling better. Some people may feel uncomfortable when a chronic physical, emotional or mental condition is alleviated because they have been used to holding onto the pattern in their body of feeling unwell.

Why such a reaction is surfacing is not for us to know really; what is important to remember is that each shift is part of the greater healing process, and being able to acknowledge the process is allowing its release from within.

I have been a Reiki Master Teacher practicing for 11 years.  Reiki is such a big part of who I am. Not only seeing clients for healing I know how important it is to give myself daily Reiki to assist with my energy flow and wellbeing and to send the healing energy to situations in my life. My partner and two boys are always the first to ask for Reiki when they need it, including my two cats!

I have experienced first-hand how beneficial it is for many aspects of our lives and I have been so blessed to be the conduit of this beautiful energy. I am so honoured to be asked to be a part of someone’s healing journey and support for many clients from babies, children and adults to being asked to be the guiding support for those also nearing the end cycle of their life on earth.

Working with children is something I am very passionate about. Children are so sensitive to energy and can quickly pick up on environments around them. I have worked with many children to support them with anxiety, disturbed sleep, weight issues, headaches or not feeling comfortable with who they are.

What to expect

​A treatment is given fully clothed either lying on a healing table or sitting in a chair. Whichever is most comfortable. My hands are placed in a series of positions on your body working down the body, starting at the head. I may be guided to work off the body in your auric field or on parts of the body such as an arm or leg if there has been an injury.

​Receiving Reiki is a very individual experience and no two treatments are the same. You may feel tingling, hot, cool, waves or pulses, calm or peace. The energy may feel strong or it may be subtle. You may see or hear different things as you are awakened to the energy that surrounds you. Often clients will fall asleep and feel like they have drifted off for some time. This is all part of the healing process.

Each experience is unique to you. Being open to the outcome and being like a sponge allows for so much more to be experienced.

​I believe that we are all entitled to receive healing if we ask for it.

Ricki has been practicing and teaching Reiki in her own healing practice as a qualified Reiki Master Teacher for 11 years. Ricki is also a Psychic Medium and qualified Holistic Massage Practitioner and is able to support clients on many levels. If Reiki resonates with you and you wish to explore further feel free to contact Ricki on 0221 549 346 or book online through her website Ricki works from her healing room in Tawa, New Zealand.

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