Speed Up Your Laundry Chores and Save Money with a Spindel


By Hannah Schenker

Parents do a LOT of washing – it’s just part and parcel of raising a family. Winter is coming up for us here in the New Zealand, and whether you are committed to drying your washing on the line or clothes rack, or whether you go for the convenience of the tumble dryer, winter can be a trying time. The days are cold and grey yet the laundry keeps on coming; the washing doesn’t quite dry on the line, the tumble dryer gets a huge workout and you get the power bills to match. If you’d love to save drying time – whether on the line or in the dryer – or cut down hugely on your power bill, we have found the thing for you: the Spindel.

What is the Spindel?

The Spindel is a specialised laundry dryer that essentially spins much more water out of your washed clothes than the washing machine does, meaning they take far less time to dry on the line or in the dryer. It doesn’t use any heating, but will spin your laundry up to 80% dry in 3 minutes – think of all those cloth nappies being already nearly dry when they come out of the machine!

The spin speed is twice that of a top washing machine at 2800rpm, and no heat means 100x less electricity than a tumble dryer would use – saving you loads on your power bills. It is the size of a pedal bin (640mm high and 385mm wide) and light enough to store in a cupboard…so is perfect for those in small homes too as it’s so compact.

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