Sophie Provides Simply Beautiful Treatments and Products for Busy Parents

Simply Beautiful by Sophie

Watch this space, Simply Beautiful by Sophie is an up and coming business with hours that suit parent’s needs. Nestled in a quiet suburb of Christchurch, Simply Beautiful by Sophie offers a relaxing environment to pamper yourself. Simply Beautiful by Sophie also has a range of instructional videos using the beauty products and makeup that are available via her shop.

The Passion:

Growing up watching my mum overcome every obstacle in her way to work from home to be with us growing up and provide for us. It has given me the determination and drives to be able to be there for my daughter when she needs me (not missing firsts, being there for school things when she’s older) as my mum was for me.

The Launch:

I am still at the beginning. I have started with a small dream and have finally settled from recently moving; I thought I would take the leap. I started slowly, introducing a new treatment a month.

I am looking forward to watching the business grow over the coming months and years.

The Innovation:

I am still breaking through. Watch this space.

Yin and Yang:

On occasion it is difficult. Trying to fit in clients needs as well as those of two children and my husband can sometimes cause something having to give, usually myself. I am very fortunate to have a supportive family (husband and stepson) and a small support network I can turn to. Even if it is a rant over messages to my sister in the UAE. Watching my children play together, and my husband smile at me at the end of the day is definitely worth the blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights this startup has caused. My husband and I endeavour to laugh with each other (although it is usually at each other) daily.

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