Spoken Word Poem by Hollie McNish Nails Challenges of Early Motherhood

With her signature eloquence and enviable use of indirect rhymes, you will be carried away on her rhythmic words but at the same time be nodding your head, because it’s all so true.

Cinderella’s clock strikes at midnight each time,
my clock strikes loudly at nine

She explores the common thread of mothers everywhere – mothers whose endless efforts often invisible to most: “underpaid, overworked”. She describes mothers as “us breeders, us milk-makers”, and goes on to talk about how she is no rock. She crumbles and cries.

But while she is shining the light on this changed identity – from an individual, to a 24-hour-a-day carer, she can also see the magic.

We are rocks crumbling sometimes,
in love that’s so heavy,
we are story-telling experts
and our stories are many.

Yes, it is hard, mamas. But it won’t always be this hard. In the meantime, tell your stories.

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