It is starting to get cold, but that doesn’t mean our families have to get colds…

By Michelle Beneke

I am blessed beyond words with my three little boys. They are real boys – they love to play outside, in the mud, finding bugs, playing with trucks and wrestling like only little dinosaurs can. But as every parent knows, once a runny nose or cold symptoms hit the family, it spirals round and round in a seemingly endless cycle. With my three boys, a runny nose appeared to be an unwelcome addition to the family that just didn’t want to leave.

When I discovered these magic little beans I was a bit skeptical. Could it really do all this? The possible benefits ranged from better sleep, beautiful skin and increased energy to weight loss, better circulation and improved digestion. Just to name a few! And that was what I learnt after actually becoming interested in the product in the first place, because of the immensely strong immune systems it builds!

And you know what, I was not disappointed. In fact, my family and I adore it and I am so excited to be a part of it! It is completely natural and vegan. It is safe for pregnant mamas and babies on solids! Learning that had been the deciding factor for me to try it initially. Because I knew there could be nothing bad in there.

My children love them. They are flourishing! You know that saying “Where has this been all my life?!” – yup, corny but oh so true.

I love my new energy and that I am now again able to focus on being the mom I always envisioned myself to be; not the tired and more impatient version that used to occupy this space. My husband and my children deserve the best of me – and I deserve to be the best version of me too! And so do you.

The science behind it is solid as a rock. There is no denying that this is whole food system is what your body needs. With a contestant for The World’s Pickiest Eater residing at our house, I was dumbfounded to see how his palate changed after using these beautiful little magic beans. He is now – amazingly – keen to try new tastes, new textures and even raw vegetables! A friend of mine’s daughter now eats tomatoes like apples! Mind blowing and a huge mom win.

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