The sugar hiding in ‘healthy’ baby snacks

A recent survey has found that many packaged snack foods aimed at babies can be up to 60% sugar.

The products – some of which are aimed at babies as young as six months old – might initially seem healthy. But CHOICE has found that on closer inspection, a lot of the products on the market are highly processed and high in sugar.

Not only that, but the language they use can make it hard for mums and dads to realise that what they’re buying isn’t a healthy option.

The packaging often refers to the fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and organic ingredients in the product – without mentioning the sugar content.

It’s common to see food that is sweetened with fruit juice concentrate – which might sound healthy, but is really just another form of sugar. And although fruit was on the ingredients lists, so too were glucose and sugar.

Added sugar is a problem for anyone, but it’s particularly bad for the developing teeth of babies. It’s also a problem because it can give kids an unhealthy taste for added sugar from a very young age.

The alternative? Make sure to read labels carefully to be on the lookout for sneaky hidden sugars. Or stick to unpackaged foods as much as possible, so you know exactly what’s in them.
Using Natvia natural sweetener as an alternative to sugar when it comes to cooking or baking for your family will ensure you’re still enjoying the sweet taste of sugar, without the harmful side effects.

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