The Missing Ingredient In Our Pre and Postnatal Care

Photography: @ariellemarnie

To be able to teach and guide our children into being the truest version of themselves we need to master it ourselves first. Even the most highly sensitive of adults can learn emotional intelligence – how to respond not react to a situation and show empathy and understanding to others. It is our responsibility as parents to learn this, practice this so we can go on and teach this to our children.

Join me and be part of the change for an honest, kind, judgement-free parenthood. Let us teach our children HOW to think not WHAT to think and guide them as they grow into the truest versions of themselves. Let us mature and lead by example by continuously educating ourselves for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

By preparing for major life changes like parenthood, although we cannot be certain of what that future holds we can gain enough insight, self-awareness and knowledge to handle each and every challenge, identify if we are out of balance so we can reconnect and prevent personal crisis.

“Let us live to understand not judge, embrace our differences, turn mistakes into lessons, learn so we can teach. Let’s be the forever students and the forever teachers because if we all focus on being a better me everyday, there won’t be time for anything but love. Let’s do it For the Love.” – Hayley Power, Founder, For the Love Collective

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