To Our Donor


I didn’t pick him from a catalogue,
like shiny action men lined up on a shelf.
I didn’t even see a photo;
because when I look at my children, I only want to see myself.
Not some stranger reflected back.
I would love them whatever, but truthfully I’m glad 
that they’re so obviously mine; their faces state the fact.

I chose the dark colouring, so they’d feel that they belong.
The rest comes down to nurture, teaching them to be kind and strong.
Lea’s golden locks, Daisy’s swimming pool eyes
well, they were a beautiful, unexpected surprise.
I didn’t care about his hobbies, his job nor his build-
only that the proper health tests had been fulfilled. 

I’m still a minority but it’s becoming more rife-
women longing for motherhood with no desire to be a wife.
Those racing against their biological clock,
looking at their lives, taking stock.
Female partners; 2 mothers who simply need 
a little bit of help; some generous seeds.
I’m not the only one by far 
but sometimes, it can feel like you are. 

Battling assumptions, questions galore.
It’s a part of our lives forevermore.
The constant references to ‘Daddy’-
I’ll defend my decision everyday, gladly.
A single mum by choice; they were wanted so badly.
I just hope that my children will understand 
and feel gratitude as I do, towards this man. 
A random person somewhere in the world 
Who’s given me the greatest gift on earth. 
A reason, a purpose; a loving family.

Motherhood in all its chaotic glory. 
I’m boundlessly proud of our unique story 
And eternally thankful to the donor who changed me,
whose kindness transformed and utterly reshaped me.
He’s running through my daughters’ veins-
my twin girls, just perfect in every way. 
And for them I’m thankful, 
every day. 

Hayley Zemontas is a first-time mum to twin girls. She loves writing poetry and finds it very therapeutic. You can find her on her Facebook page: Twinmumtruths. 

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