Try This Next Time Your Child Has a Meltdown…

Photography: Katherine Heise

By Alison Elsberry

Have you ever heard the phrase “Use your words“?

Or perhaps you’ve said it to your child when they’re having an epic meltdown?

If you have, it’s OK…

It’s incredibly frustrating and stressful for both of you when they’re crying, screaming and upset.  Especially when it happens in a public place – right in front of everyone.

You just want it to stop.

Yet if you ask your child to “use their words” instead of behaving a certain way, it often intensifies the situation.

Have you ever noticed that?

Finding those words can often feel challenging, overwhelming and frustrating when they’re having such intense feelings.

And here’s why…

Your child’s Soul didn’t come into this life knowing how to naturally communicate with words. That’s a learned skill that develops over time with refinement.

Energy is the natural language and expression of your child’s Soul. 

It’s the unspoken words and non-verbal communication that occurs quickly and gives instant feedback, sometimes without any conscious thought.

And your child knows how to use this language effectively.  Especially when trying to get your attention.

It takes time for your child to put words to the unspoken ways in which they’re used to communicating.

And it requires an essential skill – connecting their energy (their Spirit) with their body.

Your child needs to feel something in their body before they learn to recognize and make sense of it in their brain.  It’s how they’re wired.

Because words are formulated after they feel something.  They need the experience to make the connection between their energy and their body.

It’s how they learn.  And it’s how your child chooses how he or she feels instead of having someone decide for them.  

Plus it also helps your child learn more effective ways of expressing their emotions that still get heard without the resistance or all the drama.

See next page to discover what to do when your child is melting down…

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